Connecting the art scene with art lovers : out of the ordinary and completely digital


Pick Up The Phone Art

A response to rethink the way we experience art digitally while keeping a human interaction.

Pick Up The Phone Art is an international initiative responding to the current state in the art world. After many exhibitions, art projects and fairs cancelled, our goal is to continue supporting artists by presenting exhibitions exclusively online.

Pick Up The Phone Art invites different actors of the art world and offer their own interpretation on art projects, installations and exhibitions. This initiative’s main goal is to share the human interaction and closeness with the artworks through an online viewing experience. Guest speakers share their impressions, feelings and critical view of the art works and overall exhibition – each adding their personal touch.

Guests find themselves alone in the space and are not subject to any rules. To follow the idea of instantaneity, these 2 to 4 minute videos are kept in their original format without being edited – because like art, people are not perfect and we love this.

Our intention is to engage the community but also create partnerships, open the network and practice generosity within the art scene. Already implanted through Berlin’s art scene, we solicit the vision of curators, artists, art experts and enthusiasts. 

We propose an alternative to experience art that is stimulating, engaging, and personalized for both the general public and the art experts.



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