The secret is to keep going | Wolfgang Flad

05.01.2020 – 05.18.2020

Berlin, Germany

Wolfgang Flad - Exhibition - The secret is to keep going - Work - The dark side of the moon - 2020
Wolfgang Flad - Exhibition - The secret is to keep going - Work - The dark side of the moon - 2020

We are coming out of what seemed to be an unthinkable situation, something forced upon us. Time was suddenly offered to us, to stop, to think, to reflect about everything and everyone without any distractions.

Some felt limited by this imposed seclusion, others welcomed this hermitage. An opportunity to get rid of the obsolete and start new.

A chrysalis phenomenon is happening.

Despite our reactions to this situation, we all share the same reflection that we can’t predict our future.

We just agree, it will change.

We are not able to foresee what will happen to our society but we can definitely decide how we go about it.

Therefore, based on what we can control, influence and what does us good, these are the actions we should keep doing.

The secret is to keep going.


We are proud to present Wolfgang Flad.

The secret is to keep going – a series of exhibitions part of a new online initiative where the works of single artists will be featured through digital exploration.


In collaboration with emde Agency – BCMA presents Wolfgang Flad.

At first glance, The dark side of the moon shows us a window to the spatial abyss. A glimpse of a distant darkness that awaits us without being able to see it – The mysterious aspect of the hidden side of the moon – A secret revealed through this glimpse of the far side of this celestial object which is only accessible to initiates. The artist’s work reflects this exclusive character.

Flad’s craftsmanship allows his artworks to achieve a rocky texture, the details of which appear to be taken from an extremely precise geological photographic print. When observing the pictures, the sharpness of the details pushes the viewers to inspect the tinted windows, unable to escape their own reflection. But what does the dark side of the moon conceal?

The will to discern the truth pushes people to confront their own image and thus to see the multiple details decorating their skin, the crevices, the irregularities, offering a direct parallel with the hidden face of the moon’s porous surface. The gaze is tested by the constant transformation of the nuances of the glass, depending on the spectators position.

To all appearances, Flad’s work offers a pleasant and clear vision of a rocky lunar surface. A paradox with the far side of the moon, which we can never really perceive. However, the artist’s ingenuity finally allows us to distinguish his own interpretation of this simulacrum by reflecting his cosmological and spatial aesthetic through earthly materials.

(text A. Potvin)


Al Nair, 2020 – Sculpture

The dark side of the moon, 2020 – Wall piece #1

The dark side of the moon, 2020 – Wall piece #2