The secret is to keep going | Anke völk

07.01.2020 – 07.18.2020

Berlin, Germany

Anke Voelk - The secret is to keep going
Anke Voelk - The secret is to keep going

We are coming out of what seemed to be an unthinkable situation, something forced upon us. Time was suddenly offered to us, to stop, to think, to reflect about everything and everyone without any distractions.

Some felt limited by this imposed seclusion, others welcomed this hermitage. An opportunity to get rid of the obsolete and start new.

A chrysalis phenomenon is happening.

Despite our reactions to this situation, we all share the same reflection that we can’t predict our future.

We just agree, it will change.

We are not able to foresee what will happen to our society but we can definitely decide how we go about it.

Therefore, based on what we can control, influence and what does us good, these are the actions we should keep doing.

The secret is to keep going.


We are proud to present Anke Völk

The secret is to keep going – a series of exhibitions part of a new online initiative where the works of single artists will be featured through digital exploration.


In collaboration with emde Agency, BCMA presents Anke Völk:

Untitled, 2015-2020 – acrylic, pigment, oil on aluminium, 6 plates – 198 x 115 x 20 cm

Untitled, 2020
1: acrylic, flashe, oil, canvas on canvas – 45 x 35 cm.
2: newspaper, varnish spray, oil on canvas on MDF – 63 x 47 cm.
3. newspaper, varnish spray, marker on canvas on MDF – 63 x 47 cm.

Untitled, 2020 – acrylic, pigment, flashe, screen print, oil, paper on canvas – 160 x 120 cm.

Untitled, 2016-2020 – acrylic, pigment, varnish spray, different papers; 6 layers, variable –  diff. sizes.

Untitled (mural), 2020 – acrylic, pigment, paper – size variable.