Born in 1976, Huelva, Spain

Master’s Degree in Art and Artistic Production taught by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2009).

University Specialty in Public Art. Polytechnic University of Valencia(2006).

Bachelor of Fine Arts. Polytechnic University of Valencia (2004).


Solo Exhibition (selection):


The Pretender, Gallery Ángeles Baños. Badajoz, Spain 

The stable relationship II, Room of the Province. Huelva, Spain 


The stable relationship, ABC Museum. Madrid, Spain 


Translations XXI Century Room, Museum of Huelva, Spain 


Bachelor flat. Yusto, Giner Gallery. Marbella, Spain 


The roll is finished, Gallery Ángeles Baños. Badajoz, Spain 


The impotence learned, Raquel Ponce Gallery. Madrid, Spain 


Group Exhibition (selection):



Clash Madrid Berlin, Urgel 3, Madrid, Spain 

Santander Art 2018, XXVII International Contemporary Art Fair, Santander, Spain 

End of the third part (The South), Herrero de Tejada Gallery, Madrid, Spain 


Volta Basel. Stand Gallery Ángeles Baños, Switzerland 

Nothing left over, Galileo Cultural Center, Madrid, Spain 

Bienal of Mislata Miguel Navarro. Mislata, Valencia, Spain 


Dialogue of artists from Huelva with Ibero-America, Modern Art Museum, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

ARCO, Cultural ABC Stand, Madrid, Spain 

Who is that man? TEA, Tenerife Space of the Arts, Tenerife, Spain   

Volta Basel, Stand Gallery Ángeles Baños, Switzerland 

Paperwork, Spanish Contemporary Drawing, Today Art Museum, Pekín 


Expanded drawing, Contemporary creation in the DKV Collection, ABC Museum, Madrid, Spain 

Hand in hand Center Center, Cibeles Palace, Madrid, Spain 

Éros cést la vie, 3 bands, Gallery Javier Lopez & fer Frances, Madrid, Spain 

House Leibniz, Santa Barbara Palace Madrid, Spain 

Languages on paper, Fernando Pradilla Gallery, Madrid, Spain 


Awards (selection)

His work has been acquired, among others, by the DKV collections, by the plastic arts funds of the Junta de Andalucía or Sala el Brocense de Cáceres.

He has been awarded as a revelation Artist. MAS- QUELIBROS 2015 and with the Vázquez Díaz 2014 Scholarship (Huelva).

Currently working as an artist from the gallery Ángeles Baños